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BOPRC’s ‘New to Region’ Surveillance Program

The BOP Regional Council’s new surveillance program will target high risk areas and encourage citizen reporting in order to detect new pests as early as possible when the chances of eradication are highest.

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Wild Weather Affecting Sand Dunes

Recent wild weather and king tides have taken a toll on sand dunes throughout the BOP, our natural buffer against coastal flooding and erosion. Rising sea levels and climate change mean this could be a regular occurrence.

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Keep an Eye Out for Wallabies

The BOP Regional Council are surveilling a small population of Dama wallabies found near Rocky Cutting Road, Welcome Bay, with the intent to eradicate them as soon as possible. Locals are asked to report any sightings of the invasive pests.

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Motiti Protection Area Comes Into Effect

Taking any kind of plants, animals, fish, or shellfish from these three areas around Motiti Island will be prohibited from 11 August 2021, in order to protect indigenous biodiversity and preserve the cultural values of the area. Learn more here.

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New KVH Chief Executive Announced

We look forward to working closely with Leanne Stewart, the recently appointed Chief Executive for Kiwifruit Vine Health. Read more and get to know Leanne, here.

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B3 Conference 2021

This year’s B3 Conference will be held on 17-18 May and will reinforce the importance of science for an effective border biosecurity system. Find our more and register here.

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Forest Biosecurity Conference 2021

The Forest Owners Association and partners will be holding their joint annual conference this May in Rotorua, with the theme ‘Ka mua, ka muri: Looking back to move forward’. Register here!

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Using Kiwifruit as Stock Feed Safely

The time of year is approaching where there is a surplus of kiwifruit that can be used by farmers as stock feed – read about how to do so safely to prevent the spread of wild kiwifruit.

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What to do With Your Dead Kills?

Predator Free Bay of Plenty set up volunteers with traps to protect our native bird life from pests. If you have traps yourself, or are interested, learn how to properly dispose of dead rats and pests here.

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Children’s Therapy Garden

A new generation of bug hunters is being built through combining education outside the classroom with good old-fashioned gardening, helping reduce anxiety and promote wellbeing. 

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Invasive Stink Bug Found in UK

A brown marmorated stink bug was caught and identified in Kensington back in the summer of 2020. Read about the arrival of the BMSB in the UK and what they’re doing to stop the spread of this invasive pest.

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Watch Out: Brazilian Pepper Tree

Residents of Otūmoetai and Mount Maunganui, please be on the lookout for the Brazilian pepper tree. It’s a toxic plant that is highly invasive and smells like turpentine when crushed – don’t touch without gloves!

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