Leading and taking COLLABORATIVE ACTION towards biosecurity excellence


Working together 

Joining forces
We are committed to ‘leading and taking collaborative action towards biosecurity excellence’ as members of Tauranga Moana Biosecurity Capital (TMBC). Biosecurity is important to everything we love about Tauranga Moana – our people, our culture, our local industries, economy, businesses and jobs, our forests, our waterways, our moana. Biosecurity is fundamental to the Maori cultural economy and who we are – our whakapapa, our whanaungatanga, and mana taiao (our connection to, and role as kaitiaki for, our environment). 

We recognise pests and diseases can devastate our region and that it takes a community to successfully tackle biosecurity threats – that we all need to be vigilant and play our part, whether that’s in our ngahere, at the port, in our orchards, in our back yard, or out on the water. As members of TMBC we are committed to working together to achieve biosecurity excellence. We are joining forces to:

  • Grow biosecurity awareness and social license, including running joint campaigns
  • Build visibility of great things happening and promoting initiatives/events
  • Advocate for better biosecurity for our region
  • Catalyse action – people getting involved
  • Collaborate to achieve better results, sharing information and lessons
  • Seize opportunities that will grow the regional team committed to biosecurity excellence
  • ‘Ko Tātou’ – This is us. This is our Tauranga moana so let’s protect it together.

Get involved
Membership of TMBC is open to all organisations, groups, whanau and individuals committed to the vision above. Membership is formalised as signatories to an accord. To find out more, please send us an email.


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We could see biosecurity protection happening for industry and the economy but there was there was very little being done to protect our taonga, places of cultural value. And the cultural economy is priceless. This is what drew my attention to iwi being a part of initiating the TMBC ~ Kia Maia Ellis, Mauao kaitiaki.

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