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Biological Heritage Appoints Professor Shaun Ogilvie as Kaihautū Ngātahi, Co-Director Māori

The Biological Heritage National Science Challenge and Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research recently appointed Shaun Ogilvie as the Kaihautū Ngātahi, Co-Director-Māori for the Challenge.

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Ko Tātou Playing Cards – Now Available!

If you’d like to get your hands on some fantastic Ko Tātou playing cards that feature our region’s most unwanted exotic pests, get in touch!

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Taming Wild Kiwifruit

Left uncontrolled, wild kiwifruit can be devastating to New Zealand native bush and forest. Alongside BOPRC, KVH has worked on 103 properties over the last year, destroyed 13,400 vines, and cleared 4ha of matted vine covered area in the BOP region.

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Bug Sniffers are on patrol!

There will be at least three stink bug sniffing dogs patrolling the border this high-risk season. The specialist dogs have been used successfully since 2017 for screening of cargo and surveillance of transitional facilities on other sites.

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Mediterranean Fanworm Discovered in Bay of Plenty

A large number of juvenile fanworm were discovered on the bottom of a boat moored in the harbour, highlighting the need to keep hulls cleaned.

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New Pest Portal Launched

Use the BOP Regional Council’s new Pest Portal for help to identify a pest and get guidance on what to do next.

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Turtle’s Could Become the Bay’s Next Major Pest Due to Warming Climate

Red-eared slider turtles are one of many ‘sleeper pests’ that Toi Moana BOP Regional Council fears high summer temperatures may turn into a major threat to native ecosystems.

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B3 Establishes Cultural Biosecurity Ambassador Roopū

A Cultural Biosecurity Ambassador roopū has been established after a series of hui led by the B3 research collaboration.

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Giant African Snails as Pets?!

In what must be one of the whackiest and worrisome emerging biosecurity trends, online sellers are hawking Giant African Snails as pets!

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Life After Lockdown for Boat Owners

The movement of boats around the country between harbours increases the risk of marine pests spreading. Learn the rules, and be ‘Good to Go’ for summer.

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Stink Bug Season Starts

A new brown marmorated stink bug season kicked off on 1 September and Biosecurity New Zealand officers are once again working to block potential entry pathways for the invasive pest to arrive in New Zealand.

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Bay of Plenty Region Well Represented in NZ Biosecurity Awards

Finalists for the NZ Biosecurity Awards – the region are incredibly well represented as finalists for the 2021 awards.

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