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Whether returning home from a holiday or visiting New Zealand for seasonal work, everyone has a role to play in protecting Bay of Plenty kiwifruit orchards from unwanted pests and diseases that could affect jobs, income, and the community. Anyone who knows they are going to be spending time on an orchard has a responsibility to manage biosecurity risks when travelling. To assist with this, KVH has developed a poster to help reduce risk after visiting or working on an offshore orchard or farm, showing what items need to be cleaned before packing luggage and why, and to explain what people can expect at border control when arriving in New Zealand.

Before entering New Zealand:

  • Clean any clothing and footwear worn during visits to any orchards, nurseries or fruit processors. Brush off any plant material from clothing. Dry cleaning is an effective way of killing fungal spores.
  • Boots and shoes should be brushed clean of all dirt and plant material and sanitized, with Varicide or Janola.
    It is preferable not to bring any tools or equipment that has been used on orchards overseas but if you do, ensure they are free of plant material and have been washed and sanitised.
  • Check cameras and binoculars cases for plant fragments and wipe inside and out.
  • Clean any sport equipment such as boots and golf clubs and ensure any soil is removed.

On arrival in New Zealand:

  • Declare or dispose of any risk goods on entry (e.g. food items, plant material).
  • Answer all questions honestly, even if it means a short delay in getting through border clearance.
  • Notify MPI border security of your involvement in horticulture and declare any visits to an orchard or farm while overseas.
  • Declare any equipment that has been on an orchard overseas.
  • Before entering a New Zealand orchard
  • Ensure any clothing is clear of any plant material.
  • Clean and sanitise footwear.
  • Don’t use tools/equipment that have been used on another orchard without them being thoroughly cleaned/sanitised.

Click here to download and print a poster, or contact KVH if you’d like us to print a larger size for you, your orchard, workplace or staffroom.


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