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About us

Tauranga Moana Biosecurity Capital (TMBC) is a collaboration that has its roots in a collective effort to “build a biosecurity team of 4.7 million New Zealanders” – to shift how we, as New Zealanders, think about biosecurity, how it connects to our everyday lives, and how people can get involved.

TMBC brings together a “coalition of the willing” and establishes Tauranga Moana iwi at the centre of our regional biosecurity team, in a broad collaboration between iwi, community groups, industry, businesses, agencies, educators, scientists and others striving to achieve biosecurity excellence.

A biosecurity incursion has the potential to negatively transform the lives of future generations and the place we know as home. Biosecurity (protecting against unwanted organisms) matters to anyone who enjoys harvesting kaimoana from the sea or interacting with our iconic mountains and native forests. It also matters to everyone earning a living and operating a business in the Western Bay of Plenty, where the economy is dependent on the natural environment ~ Carlton Bidois, TMBC co-chair.

It encompasses everything from biodiversity protection and conservation efforts; to the mahi of iwi to protect our taonga and our cultural economy; to the work of local industries and businesses to our regional economy and jobs; to the work of educators teaching our rangitahi and future leaders about biosecurity; to Matauranga Māori experts and scientists striving to equip us with better biosecurity knowledge and tools.

Its focus is on working with our rangitahi in partnership with educators, connecting our communities to the importance of biosecurity, and building collaboration across iwi, hapū, community organisations, industries, businesses, science and Mātauranga Māori experts, central government and local government to achieve biosecurity excellence.

TMBC is an exemplar for regional collaboration and partnership. Our hope is that other regions will pick up and adapt the TMBC model to extend biosecurity excellence across the country.

TMBC builds on a foundation of passion, expertise and connection that already exists within the local biosecurity community, and on local passion for Tauranga Moana and all we love about it – our people, our culture, our local industries and jobs, our forests, our waterways, our moana. By working together we can create and deliver great things.

Guiding principals
The following principles guide how we will work together:

  • Tika me te pono – honesty integrity
  • Whakamarao te kupu – walk the talk
  • Whanaungatanga – relationship through shared experiences and working together which provides people with a sense of belonging
  • Whai mana – recognition and resource
  • Kaitiakitanga – guardianship and protection – a way of managing the environment, based on the Māori world view
  • Whai maranatanga – grow knowledge.

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